1: What to wear

  • Plan your outfit for you and the group you are with, Coordinate with each other and don’t be matchy matchy
  • Try not to wear anything all white, as white is a hard color to expose in the photo, especially for a group.
  • Try your clothing on before hand to make sure everything works, but have a backup in case it doesn’t work.


2: Be aware of RED

Our eyes go directly to red in a photo, so consider telling wedding guest not to wear red. For portraits use it wisely, consider a POP of red in your outfit.


3: Relax and be yourself

We’re here to have an enjoyable, fun and playful time, so don’t be worried about how to pose – that’s my job!  I want to capture the real and candid moments of you, whether a family, couple, group, event, etc. Oh, and don’t force a smile for the camera, it usually looks fake, just enjoy yourself and have fun!


4: Pick a location that means something to you

When choosing a spot for photos, consider a place that means something to you, like where you got engaged, where you had your first date, etc. And give yourself permissions to recreate memories at that spot if you didn’t have a photographer there the first time! Recreating that moment will remind you of it and bring back that memory for years to come.


5: Describe what you are looking for to me

We can meet a few weeks or days before the shoot do discuss what you are looking for, and if you have specific ideas, give some example photos of poses you like


6: The day before your photo shoot

  • Be healthy the night before.
  • It’s important to take it easy on the day before the photo shoot so you look your best when the time comes. If you look tired or indisposed, your photo shoot will fail.
  • You should drink lots of water and avoid alcohol the night before so your face looks healthy and doesn’t have that tired, hung-over look.
  • Avoid salty or greasy foods so your skin doesn’t look greasy.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before so you don’t have bags under your eyes. You don’t want to look like you had a hard night of partying just because you only got four hours of sleep.


7: If there are kids, let them have fun!

Let the kids be themselves don’t be stressed it will be felt by the kids. Relax and tell the kids we are on an adventurer. They don’t have to be all cheesy in every photo. Make it a fun and memorable time for you both not a stressful time.


8: Tips on being Photogenic (from wiki how)

Clarify your skin.

The focus of most portraits is the face, so make sure that yours is in tip top condition. Modern cameras are able to capture the smallest of changes and textures of skin, which is both a blessing and a curse. Keep your skin clean and smooth by washing, toning, and moisturizing your face before having your photo taken. Doing this should be a daily morning/evening ritual but is especially important before a photoshoot.

If you wear makeup, make sure that your concealer and foundation are smoothly applied and match your skin tone correctly. Blend them slightly down your neck and near your ear lobes to create the most natural look.

Oily skin can ruin a photo by reflecting too much light. Use oil blotting sheets or tissue paper (actual tissue paper, not kleenex) to dab off excess oil on the T-zone of your face.

Use an exfoliator on your face to slough off any dead skin cells which make your skin appear dull and lackluster in photos.

Focus on what makes you unique.

One of the characteristics of photogenic people is their confidence in their appearance. Many times we get concerned about something wrong with our face; our freckles, the gap in your teeth, how squinty your eyes get when you smile. Instead of trying to hide those things, embrace them! You will look much more photogenic in your photos that way.

Show your emotions.

It is easy to spot someone who is photogenic from someone who is posing; the former doesn’t have to fake their emotions. Although getting your photo taken can be nerve-wrecking, don’t let it get in the way of your true feelings. Don’t create the smile you think you need, use your regular smile. The same goes with the shape of your eyes and the curve of your cheeks. The more you allow your natural emotions to show on your face, the better your pictures will look.

Always smile with your teeth, because you would never laugh at a funny joke with your lips together. True smiles show off a toothy grin, not tightly pressed lips. Keep your face natural by allowing a real smile to peak through.

When you are showing emotions your entire face is affected. Although many people associate a look of happiness with just a smile, your eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and forehead are all affected equally as much. Make sure that you are allowing freedom of movement in your entire face.

9: Bring props

Although you don’t necessarily want to be tossing around a football or holding eating utensils, adding fun and interesting props to your photo can add interest and highlight your personality. Hold something in your hands, lean against a prop, or incorporate something related to a hobby or activity you enjoy into your photo.

  • If you love reading, try holding a book casually in your hands. It will force your body into a more natural position and add detail to your portrait.
  • Don’t use large props or anything that is too distracting in your photos. The goal is for you to appear photogenic with the aid of something small and related. Adding in big props or anything brightly colored will do more harm than good.


10: Make Memories

Enjoy the time with your fiancé, spouse, kids, family, coworkers, etc. Let me capture your moments so you can have them for years to come!